10 Precautions for Diesel Generator Set Daily Use

April 13, 2021

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10 Precautions for Diesel Generator Set Daily Use


When a you buy a diesel generator, you may want to have a test immediately.There are 10 tips for daily use to help you get a general idea.


1.The water tank must be at least 2 meters away from the wall. Or the wall opening is larger than the half size of water tank.


2.Before genset starting, kindly check whether the oil, diesel level and water tank level meet the standard requirements. If not, please add them enough. Also kindly check if there is air in the fuel line. If yes, kindly exhaust it。


3.The first time maintenance is when the new genset runs 50 hours. (replace lubricating oil, oil filter, diesel filter, air filter). You can employ your local repair personnel or self-maintenance. The second time maintenance should be started when the genset runs 150 hours. After the second maintenance, you can decide the maintenance time yourself depend on the degree of oil lubrication.


4. The staff should check the genset to confirm if normal or not during the operation. After it stops, kindly check the fan belt and screws of key parts are loose or not. And please ensure that the fuel tank is clean and no debris.


5. The genset should stop 1 hour to dissipate heat after 10 hours of continuous work. It can go on working after the heat dissipates.

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6. Do not run at low speed for a long time. It shall not be less than 20% of the genset power with the load, otherwise it causes the genset to burn the lubricating oil. It will produce white or blue smoke, and cause cylinder scoring.


7.The genset should be started twice a month. To ensure the lubrication oil to cover all the moving part, the operation time shall not be less than 10 minutes every time.


8. Keep routine maintenance at least once a year.


9. If the battery is not used for a long time, it should be charged once every month and keep full charge condition to avoid damage.


10.Consult to the supplier for any unclear questions as they are more professional.