5 Tips for Choosing a Diesel Generator Set

March 26, 2021

Latest company news about 5 Tips for Choosing a Diesel Generator Set

When the power supply is insufficient or backup power is needed, it will consider purchasing diesel generator sets or gasoline generator sets.Changsha Mingbang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a factory that produces diesel generator sets, so here I will introduce how to choose a suitable diesel generator set.

There are mainly 5 points

  • Determine the purpose of the generator set
  • How to determine the power of diesel generator set
  • Choose the appropriate power selection
  • Requirements for noise from diesel generator sets
  • The requirements for diesel generator sets in high temperature, high cold, and high humidity environments

latest company news about 5 Tips for Choosing a Diesel Generator Set  0

Firstly: determine the purpose of the generator set


We need to determine whether the diesel generator set is used as a standby power supply or a common power supply.


The standby diesel generator set means that the mains electricity is basically normal, and it is used for temporary power generation only when the power is off occasionally. The use frequency is not high, the use time is short, the mechanical loss is low, and the failure is low. In this case, there is no need to blindly pursue a set of high-end imported diesel engine configuration, and the set of general diesel engine configuration can fully satisfy the usage.


Commonly used diesel generator sets refer to the use of diesel generator sets as the main power source when there is no government power. Long use time, high mechanical loss and high failure. In this case, it is recommended that the minimum configuration should be a joint venture brand diesel engine to reduce maintenance cost.


Secondly, we need to determine the standby power and common power of the genset.

Standby power refers to the operating power of the unit under overload conditions, which is generally 110% of the main power.

For example, the standby power of the main 400KW generator set of Mingbang MB400 type generator set is 440KW, and the standby power is available every 12 hours. Run for 1 hour at 440KW.

Common power refers to the 12-hour continuous operation power of the generator set, which is 400KW (same as the above example).

Thirdly, power selection of diesel generator set

The capacity of diesel generator sets is limited. Unlike the power grid, the starting current of the load must be considered. Therefore, it is not entirely correct to select the total power of electrical appliances as the power to purchase diesel generator sets.

For example: if a 30KW motor is started by star-delta, the starting current will be 4 to 6 times the rated current, and at least a 120KW diesel generator set can be used to start the motor normally.


The starting current is different depending on the starting mode.

For example, the soft starter will only generate 2 to 3 times the starting current. The inverter starts steplessly, and there is no starting inrush current. In addition, whether the electric appliance is loaded or not determines the starting current. It is necessary to fully understand the specific electric appliance to calculate the required diesel generator power more economically, and to avoid the situation that the calculation error can be bought back and cannot be used.

Please communicate with the sales consultant of Mingbang for the specific power selection, and our sales consultant will make a thoughtful plan for you.


Fourthly, requirements for noise from diesel generator sets

The national standard for diesel generator set noise is that 7 meters in an open area is less than 102 decibels. In fact, 102 decibels already make people feel uncomfortable, even after the isolation of ordinary computer rooms, it can still reach more than 90 decibels. For use in institutions, schools, hospitals and other places that require quietness, low-noise cabinets must be installed. The low-noise cabinets produced by "MBKL" adopt high standards and make silent cabinets in strict accordance with environmental protection standards.


Fifthly, the requirements for diesel generator sets in high temperature, high cold, and high humidity environments

Use in high temperature environments must have enhanced cooling measures, such as open pool cooling and forced ventilation.

The cold start must be guaranteed in the high-cold environment. The special generator set exclusively developed by "MBKL" in the high-cold area can guarantee no auxiliary cold start at minus17 degrees. The installation of a preheating device can ensure normal start at minus 50 degrees.

High-humidity environment must have moisture-proof and rust-proof measures. "MBKL" diesel generator set adopts three-layer anti-rust primer, two-layer waterproof topcoat, and special drip-proof generator.