Diesel Generator Set Composition

May 19, 2021

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Diesel generator set is powered by diesel oil, has the functions of being able to start at any time, providing power in time, and operating safely and reliably. It is a small and medium-sized independent power generation equipment.Diesel generator sets have the characteristics of compact structure, small footprint, high thermal efficiency, rapid start-up, flexible control and convenient fuel storage.

Composition: engine, generator, control panel and auxiliary devices (including fuel system, cooling exhaust system, lubrication system and some accessories).

1.Generator Engine

Diesel generator engine, radiator water tank, coupling, fuel tank, muffler and public base and other components as a whole.The engine is the basic element of a generator set. It is to provide energy for the generator set. The power (output) expressed in kilovolt-amperes or kilowatts provides us with the capacity of the generator. The general engine refers to a diesel engine. There are many different brands of engines at home and abroad, such as cummins, perkins, volvo, Weichai Power, Shangchai etc... We provide engines with different configurations according to different needs.

Energy conversion form: chemical energy-thermal energy-mechanical energy-electrical energy.


The alternator is a component that generates electrical energy, and generates electrical energy by converting the mechanical energy generated by the engine. When the main magnetic field is dragged and rotated by the engine, it pulls the armature to rotate, just like there is mutual attraction between two magnets. That is to say, the rotor of the generator drives the armature magnetic field to rotate at the same speed, and the two are synchronized, so it is called a synchronous generator. The speed of the armature magnetic field is called the synchronous speed.

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3.Generator Control System

It is the most basic configuration to meet the normal operation of the unit. The control system has the advantages of simple operation, complete functions, and reliable protection. There are operation buttons for preheating, starting and stopping (emergency stop) on the panel. When a fault alarm occurs, the control panel will send out a corresponding fault alarm while controlling the unit to stop.There are 3 types control system : manual, automatic and fully automatic ATS.

4.Generator Fuel System

The fuel system is another element of generator operation. If there is not enough fuel, the generator will not be able to generate electricity.Its function is to inject the well-atomized diesel fuel into the cylinder according to a certain fuel injection rule at regular, quantitative, and constant pressure according to the work requirements, and make it mix and burn with air quickly and well.

Composition: fuel tank, fuel pump, diesel coarse and fine filter, fuel injection pump, fuel injector, combustion chamber, fuel pipe.

5.Generator Cooling Exhaust System

After using the generator for a long time, it will generate a lot of heat. The exhaust system is used to exhaust the smoke formed by the use of diesel and engine oil inside the generator set. The role of the cooling system is to keep the engine working at the most suitable temperature to obtain good economy, power and durability.

According to the cooling method, there are air cooling and water cooling. Air-cooled cooling is simple in structure, light in weight, easy to use and maintain, but the cooling effect is poor, power consumption and noise are large, and it is currently mostly used in small internal combustion engines, suitable for plateau deserts and water-deficient areas. Water cooling methods are divided into three types according to different cooling cycle methods: evaporative, natural circulation and forced circulation. Most engines use a forced circulating water cooling system.

Water cooling system composition: water pump, radiating water tank, fan, thermostat, cooling pipe and cylinder head, cylinder block-the cooling water jacket formed inside the crankcase and water temperature meter. Flow direction of water cooling system:

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6.Generator Lubrication System

The generator set consists of many smaller moving parts. The lubrication system allows the machine to run without damaging these parts. Its function is to lubricate each friction surface to reduce wear, clean and cool, improve sealing performance, and prevent rust on all moving parts. Composition: oil pump, oil pan, oil pipeline, oil filter, oil cooler, protection device and indicating system.

500kw diesel generator

The overall structure of a diesel engine generally includes the above-mentioned major systems, but due to differences in the number of cylinders, cylinder arrangement and cooling methods, various models have slight differences in structure.

  • Thermal energy, which must provide a certain amount of fuel, which is sent into the combustion chamber and mixed with air to produce heat. Therefore, a fuel system is necessary. It includes components such as diesel tanks, fuel filters, fuel injection pumps and fuel injection nozzles.
  • In order to convert the obtained heat energy into mechanical energy, it needs to be completed by the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism. This mechanism is mainly composed of cylinder block, crankcase, cylinder head, piston, piston pin, connecting rod, crankshaft and flywheel. When the fuel ignites and burns in the combustion chamber, the expansion of the gas produces pressure on the top of the piston, which pushes the piston to make a straight reciprocating motion, and uses the connecting rod to change the rotation of the crankshaft so that the crankshaft drives the working machinery (load) to do work.
  • For a piece of equipment to continuously convert heat energy into mechanical energy, it must be equipped with a set of air distribution mechanism to ensure regular intake of fresh air and exhaust after combustion. This mechanism is composed of intake valves, exhaust valves, camshafts and driving parts.
  • In order to reduce the friction loss of the diesel engine and ensure the normal temperature of all parts, the diesel engine must have a lubrication system and a cooling system. The lubrication system should consist of an oil pump, an oil filter and a lubricating oil passage. The cooling system should consist of water pumps, radiators, thermostats, fans and water jackets.
  • In order to enable the diesel engine to start quickly, it is also necessary to configure a starting device to control the start of the diesel engine. According to different starting methods, the parts of the starting device are usually started by electric motors or pneumatic motors, and for high-power units, they are started by compressed air.latest company news about Diesel Generator Set Composition  3