What should I do if the diesel generator suddenly crashes?

June 2, 2021

Latest company news about What should I do if the diesel generator suddenly crashes?

In fact, diesel generator sets have one thing in common with computers, that is, they will crash, so what should I do if I encounter a crash during operation? MBKL sorted out the relevant content for you to start the repair work.

The diesel engine stops suddenly during operation, press the hand oil pump, the system continues to start after being filled with fuel, but the diesel engine stops suddenly after rotating for less than 3 minutes. This fault is generally caused by blockage or air leakage in the fuel supply system. The main reasons for the failure are as follows:

1. There is air in the oil circuit or the connections of each oil circuit are loose, causing oil leakage.

2. The air filter is partially blocked, causing insufficient intake of the diesel engine.

3. The oil circuit or the oil inlet filter is blocked.

4. The diesel filter is blocked.

5. The oil transfer pump is faulty.

6. The fuel injection pump is stuck in a position where it does not supply fuel.

7. The fuel injection hole of the fuel injector is blocked or the needle valve is stuck in a position where no fuel is supplied.

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The troubleshooting methods that should be taken at this time are as follows:

1. Remove the oil return screw of the high-pressure oil pump, press the oil delivery pump with your right hand, and feel that the amount of oil meets the regulations, but there are many impurities in the diesel fuel flowing out of the filter. Disassemble the filter and check whether the diesel filter element is clogged. The result is that the diesel filter element has deteriorated, and there is more sludge inside, and the diesel filter element has lost its function. After replacing the new filter element, the diesel engine suddenly stopped less than 5 minutes after starting.

2. Remove the oil return screw of the diesel filter, press the oil transfer pump, and find that the oil transfer pump is normal and the seal is good.

3. Remove the side cover of the high-pressure oil pump, unscrew the fixing nuts of the 4 high-pressure oil pipes, pry the plunger with a flat-blade screwdriver, observe whether each cylinder is oily, check the plunger and the oil valve, and the result is normal. It should be difficult to start the diesel engine when the combustion chamber is not well-sealed, and this diesel engine is easy to start, indicating that it should not be the problem of valve leakage, valve clearance or fuel advance angle.

4. Disassemble the oil transfer pump and check the roller and ejector rod of the oil transfer pump. It is found that the roller enters into the ejector rod sleeve. The position of the two lock plates is different by 90°. The roller is stuck and cannot bounce back and forth. The oil pump does not work.

5. Adjust the relative position of the two lock plates, install the oil pump and each oil return pipe screw, the high-pressure pipe and the fixed nut of the high-pressure oil pump. Start the diesel engine and observe it for half an hour without stopping, and the fault will be eliminated.

Through the troubleshooting of the above points, I believe that everyone can quickly find the cause of the shutdown, deal with the equipment failure in time, and restore the normal operation of the generator equipment as soon as possible.